when will my first house payment be due

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Paying your mortgage on time is an essential part to your financial health, but what happens if your mortgage payment is late? LendingTree dives into the details of what can happen when your mortgage payment is past due and how it can affect your finances.

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You should always include when the rent is due on your lease agreement so that there is no question. For example, The rent is due on the first day of each month. If the monthly rent payment has not been received by the fifth day of that same month, it is considered late.

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When you buy a new home, your first mortgage payment is due on the first day of the month after the first full month that you own the home. For example, if you close the sale of your new home on April 25, the first full month you spend in the home will be May, so your first payment will be due on June 1.

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Either way, though, your first payment won’t be due until March. And because interest is collected in arrears, your March payment will include the interest owed for February. Because cash is an obstacle for many buyers, most lenders will grant a credit if the closing is early enough in the month.

If your in the first week of the month then the payment will be due the first week of the month but if you buy it at the end of the month the payment will be due like 5 weeks from then. It is not a matter of skipping a payment but of scheduling when the payments will be due.