what you need to refinance your mortgage

When you took out the mortgage, you made a down payment of $50,000 and you’ve paid another $50,000 toward the principal. That means you owe $150,000 on a home with a market value twice that amount. If you need $25,000 for home repairs, you could refinance your mortgage for $175,000.

In an uncertain environment, seize upon certainty where you can find it.” Why your credit score. the closing costs are $3,600, you would need a savings of about $200 per month on the mortgage.

Refinancing your mortgage is a big step. At Chase, we can help you free up money in your budget by lowering your monthly payments or provide you a one-time cash payment during refinancing by tapping into your home’s equity. Discover how you can refinance your current mortgage and calculate refinance rates and payments with our mortgage calculators.

What You Need To Refinance Your Mortgage – We offer mortgage refinancing service for your loan and we could help you to change the term and lower your monthly payments. Suzie is now stuck paying above the mortgage rates on the market because it does not understand how the mortgage broker is compensated.

Using refinance savings on your mortgage payment to up retirement. Even if a refinance makes sense in your situation, you'll still need to.

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Should You Refinance Your Home? If you are already paying off the mortgage on your home, you may wonder why you would need to refinance your mortgage. In a way, you are right. There’s no need to take on a new mortgage if you are happy with your existing terms and payments. It’s still beneficial to know what refinancing is, because it is a tool that can save you thousands.

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What to Know When Refinancing Your Mortgage 1.Your break-even point – Before you pick up the phone or start looking online for refinancing opportunities, you need to know your break-even point. This is the point in time that the costs associated with refinancing equal the savings you will gain by refinancing.

If you want to refinance your mortgage, you’ll need to fill out paperwork and go through an approval process. The fact that you currently have a mortgage is no guarantee that you’ll be approved for.

You’ve probably heard that you need at least 20 percent equity-or an LTV of 80 percent or less-to get a conventional loan to refinance your mortgage. However, that’s not exactly the case. strictly speaking, you only need 5 percent equity in most cases to get a conventional refinance.