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Cherry Hill Homes Award Winning Foundation Design How can I tell if a water heater is HUD-approved for mobile/manufactured homes? thursday, June 14, 2018 water heaters that are rated by HUD for installation in a mobile home are marked with a sticker on the side, like the one shown below; and water heaters not rated for mobile homes have a sentence in the boiler-plate text panel that states the.

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Knowing it would take a few months for her disability benefits to be approved, Carroll said she called. and regulations in order to find ways to make mobile homes affordable. That’s still on HUD’s.

If HUD or the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is the mortgage lenders for the mobile home, you can only install a wood stove that is HUD approved. HUD works with manufacturers to select wood stove models that meet safety standards set by HUD and the FHA. HUD views the installation of a new wood-burning stove as an addition, and you will have to obtain an appraisal to apply for approval to install the stove.

The HUD manufactured home dispute resolution program (DRP) provides timely resolution of disputes between manufacturers, retailers and installers when the parties cannot agree on a solution to a construction and/or safety defect with a manufactured home.

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Manufactured housing must comply with the Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Housing, a HUD handbook for manufactured homes. The lender must furnish the appraiser a certification with the seal and signature of a licensed engineer who inspected the home’s foundation.

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data does not include a field that identifies whether an individual loan application is a subprime or manufactured home loan application. HUD has annually identified a list of lenders who specialize in either subprime or manufactured home lending for over ten years.

If the certification label (also known as a HUD tag) is missing from a home, the Department does not reissue labels for manufactured homes. However, the Department can issue a Letter of Label Verification for units for which it can locate the necessary historical information.

Also known as manufactured homes, mobile homes are required to comply with the rules laid down by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. One of these rules is the requirement to install only HUD-approved water heaters to avoid potential fire risks.